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Here are the Brick Popper Reviews leading into 2019.  We have been getting great feedback and positive reviews from our customers !  Please take a look at some of the responses:

“Great tool. My kids loved it. ”

“Had a LEGO enthusiast thrilled to receive this. Quick shipment! Thank you!”

“Item arrived before estimated date. As described and perfect for my LEGO builder.“

“LEGO includes a brick popper with each kit but it is a rather feeble tool compared to this strongman. This pops the brick easily and quickly. A godsend especially with a large kit.”

“This is the weaponized version of common brick popping utensils. It should actually be called: Brick Slayer. It’s quite good at separating bricks.”

“On time and a great tool for my little LEGO nut!“

“Just want my LEGO loving child needed to separate his bricks. Its made really well (strong and sturdy) and does the job well.”

“LEGO lovers can’t have enough of these and they are so reasonably priced.“

“This came so quickly and just as described. My son says it works great.“

“Excellent quality, price, service & delivery time. Highly recommended.”