About The Brick Popper for LEGO sets


The Brick Popper was first designed to provide a simple solution for removing bricks from a larger LEGO Toy assembly. Invented by a father-son duo, the Brick Popper solves the age old problem of children’s frustration at having LEGO bricks stuck together. No need to find the screwdriver, butter knife or other tools to remove LEGO bricks. It works Great for the new custom pieces. The patent pending groove easily slides under the LEGO brick and pops the Brick off! Very handy and provides a huge increase in speed of LEGO brick removal. Get yours today and you’ll never have to worry about LEGO Bricks stuck together again!

The Brick Popper’s design has rounded edges on the tip and has been approved for Ages 6+ for sharpness tested by a third party.  The “Metal” tip is actually nickel plated zinc that has a smooth surface and doesn’t scratch the bricks.  It super easy to use and will last a lifetime!  Join us on Facebook for special deals and tons of Giveaways!  The Brick Popper for LEGO sets is the perfect gift for every LEGO enthusiast!