LEGO Bricks stuck together again?

Look No Further

Rescue LEGO Bricks Once Tossed Aside

The Brick Popper is here! Rescue LEGO Bricks that were once tossed aside because they were permanently stuck together.
Brick Popper for LEGO

LEGO Popping FUN

The textured handle allows for a good grip when popping bricks apart. No slipping or fumbling with screwdrivers and butter knives.  The Brick Popper makes it so easy popping LEGO bricks apart is FUN!
Super fast LEGO Brick Remover

Super Fast LEGO Brick Remover

Use the patent pending groove or spoke to quickly pop bricks apart. The sleek design is comfortable to hold and swift in action.

The LEGO Tool You’ve Been Waiting For

Great for parents and kids alike. This LEGO tool helps you separate bricks without damaging them. It's fast, easy and fun!

Here’s what our customers are saying.

Quick. Easy. A must have for any LEGO fan!



I tried every tool in the junk drawer and the tool shed and I couldn’t find anything to get the LEGO bricks off.  Thank God for the Brick Popper!

The Brick Popper works great! No more prying apart LEGO bricks with a butter knife!


I wish the Brick Popper was invented 10 years ago!